Assessment and Counseling


The New Learning Heights focuses on individual assessment of every child, Every child undergoes the assessment process where their challenges, abilities, capabilities, skills are listed out. Based on the results, the teaching plan and enhancement program get designed. Regular records of the development programs are maintained and planned accordingly.
Family plays an important role in the progress of the child/young adult with special needs. Keeping this in view, The New Learning Heights provide varied family support services. Counselling is provided to family members to deal with issues related to the pressures and stress of parenting a child with intellectual disability, parenting the sibling of a child with intellectual disability, living in a nuclear or joint family, second child issues or any other concerns families may have. Appropriate coping strategies are discussed and developed with inputs from psychologists and medical professionals. It also improves parents’ abilities to make positive, long-term decisions for their child by providing factual information.

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