About The New Learning Heights

The New Learning Heights started its journey in 2015. We cater to the individual needs of the children coming from all sections of society, from early intervention to adulthood with all special needs. At The New Learning Heights, our programs are focused on the overall development of the child, depending on needs as well as potential. Functional academics are imparted with parallel intervention with allied therapies depending on the needs of the child. The regular school curriculum is a vital reference point for students who have the potential to be included in a regular classroom.
After detailed assessment by our multidisciplinary team, the individualized program is made for each child. Students are divided into groups according to their age, needs & functional level. After every 3 months, each child’s program is assessed. Both teacher & parents are equal partners in this whole process & they meet frequently to discuss their concerns/observations.
We offer the following quality services with a holistic approach to our children to make them ready to join the mainstream world – special education, speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, brain gym, yoga, behavior modification, 1 on 1 session, multi-sensory activities, skill development, vocational training, computer training, counseling, cardio, aerobics, weight training all with highly experienced & dedicated staff & 1:4 teacher-student ratio. We provide daycare facility too.
The New Learning Heights Special School and Remedial Centre is an organization where therapists and parents play a significant role in the process of rehabilitation and habilitation of their children at different levels including EWS/Under privileged children. We intend to bring awareness about differently abled in the community and do its work in coordination with society. THE NEW LEARNING HEIGHTS intend to bring awareness about differently-abled in the society and works for the children and young adults with Special Needs. We build Hope, Strength, Joy and encourage our students so that they can be independent, productive and become the fruitful member of the society.
We serve the special need children by our two set up i.e by SPECIAL SCHOOL and other by REMEDIAL CENTRE. We are having 80 G & 12A certificates issued by the Income-tax authority. We are also accepting donations which are exempted under 80 G.

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